If you want to ease your stress and reduce your tax liabilities, it is important to work with someone who understands small business tax preparation. Our certified public accountants go beyond entering your numbers in software. We will ask you the hard questions about what is behind your numbers. That is where the true tax savings hide.

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In our small business tax services, we meet many business owners that incorrectly prepared their taxes and found themselves facing the IRS. The common mistakes we see are:
  • Home-based business deductions
  • Company cars
  • Employee classifications
On the flip side, the IRS will never send you a notice that you paid too much in taxes! Frequently, we can make behind-the scenes tax changes in your bookkeeping system or find other tax credits that reduce the amount you pay such as:
  • Reclassifying expenses
  • Taking depreciation
  • Accelerating deductions for new equipment
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